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Brief Editor Key Bindings


cursor movement

ctrl home - go to the top of the page
ctrl end - go to the bottom of the page
ctrl pgup - go to the start of the file
ctrl pgdn - go to the end of the file
ctrl up - scroll up one line
ctrl down - scroll down one line
ctrl left - go to the previous word
ctrl right - go to the next word
ctrl b - scroll the current line to the bottom of the screen
ctrl m - scroll the current line to the center of the screen
ctrl t - scroll the current line to the top of the screen
ctrl 0-9 - set bookmark 0-9 (zeus: alt 0-9)
alt j - jump to a bookmark
alt g - go to a line


enter - start a new line
delete - delete the character the cursor is on
backspace - delete the character to the left of the cursor
ctrl k - delete beginning of line
ctrl y - delete the current line
keypad * - undo (also: ctrl z)
ctrl tab - set tab stop length
ctrl backspace - delete the previous word
alt backspace - delete the next word
alt i - switch between insert and overwrite mode
alt k - delete the end of the line
alt q - convert all tabs in the file to spaces

cut & paste

shift - use with arrow keys to select text
alt c - select columns
alt l - select lines
ctrl a - select all
keypad + - copy the current selection to the clipboard (also: ctrl c)
keypad - - cut the current selection to the clipboard (also: ctrl x)
ins - paste the current selection into the file (also: ctrl v)
delete - delete the current selection
escape - cancel text selection
tab - indent text selection
shift tab - negative indent text selection

find & replace

F5 - find text (also: alt s)
F6 - replace text (also: alt r)
alt F5 - find text (backward direction)
alt F6 - replace text (backward direction)
shift F5 - repeat the most recent find
ctrl F5 - turn case sensitivity on or off
ctrl F6 - turn regular expressions on or off
ctrl l - convert line or selected text to lower case
ctrl u - convert line or selected text to upper case

working with files

alt b - switch to antoher file you are working on
alt e - open antother file
alt f - show the path of the file you are working on
alt n - switch to the next file you are working on
alt o - change the output file name
alt p - print file or selected text
alt w - write file (save)
alt - - switch to the previous file you are working on
ctrl w - toggle unicode/single byte file format for this file
ctrl - - close the file you are working on

key macros

F7 - record keystrokes; press again to finish recording
F8 - play macro
ctrl r - repeat a keystroke or macro a sepcified number of times


F10 - compile the file
ctrl F10 - specify the compiler command line
ctrl n - show next error
ctrl p - show the compiler output


F2 - resize a window
F3 - open a new window
F4 - close a window
alt arrow - switch windows
alt F2 - toggle zoom
mouse - click to switch to a window, double click to zoom

other keys

alt space - setup the font, colors and screen size from "properties"
alt v - show version
alt x - quit
alt z - open a command shell at the location of the file
ctrl alt b - map all keys to brief defaults
ctrl alt i - map all keys to ideal brief keys
ctrl alt m - remap an individual key

... also recognizes many other familiar keystrokes.